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Equine Podiotherapy

Dr Sally Rekers has recently completed her Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy.


Equine Podiotherapy encompasses the equine lifestyle with a style of barefoot trimming unique to the individual horse.


If your horse suffers from laminitis, seedy toe, hoof wall cracks, caudal foot pain or other forms of foot pathology or lameness, equine podiotherapy may be able to help you.


Sally was first introduced to hoof trimming when she acquired a brumby 10 years ago. A natural approach to hoof care seemed the only option for this previously wild creature. This was followed by a long road of short courses and conferences before actually taking on the rasp and embarking on the diploma of equine podiotherapy.


“The ability to change a horses life with regular trimming designed for each individual horses need has astounded me andthe prospect of helping more horses through trimming and lifestyle changes is very exciting”


Please contact Sally at Mansfield Veterinary Clinic on  (03) 5775 2055  for further advice or to book a consultation.