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The Mansfield Vet Clinic is a mixed practice consisting of four vets. The Mansfield Vet Clinic services the surrounding areas of Mansfield including Bonnie Doon, Jamieson, Lima South, Merton, Maindample and Tolmie. We are open 7 days and have a 24hr emergency service.

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Veterinary Services For Livestock - Mansfield Veterinary Clinic


Welcome to Mansfield Veterinary Clinic, your trusted partner in livestock healthcare. Our team of experienced veterinarians and staff are committed to providing the highest quality of care for livestock animals, both for commercial producers and hobby farmers. We offer a comprehensive range of livestock services that can be carried out on-farm or at our clinic yard facilities.

Livestock and farming has formed a big part of the high country heritage, but as we see a shift from large commercial farms to smaller hobby farms, we have been changing our services to provide for everyone. 

We provide an extensive range of services in multiple species such as:
  1. Assistance with calvings, lambings, kiddings and unpacking. (No we’re not ‘kidding’ an alpaca giving birth is really ‘unpacking’)
  2. Caesareans
  3. Prolapse replacement
  4. Retained foetal membranes
  5. Lameness examinations
  6. Treatment of unwell animals
  7. Parasite investigation including faecal egg counts
  8. Routine management advice and assistance with vaccinating, drenching, etc.
  9. Post mortems and disease investigatio  
For Cattle we also offer
  1. Pregnancy Testing via ultrasound from 6 weeks
  2. Bull Testing
  3. Fertility Investigations
Our livestock services include:
  1. Routine surgeries/treatments: Our veterinary team is skilled in performing routine surgeries and treatments for livestock animals. These services include cancer eye cryotherapy and enucleations, calvings and caesarians, prolapse correction and retained foetal membranes, lameness, and mastitis treatment (including culture). We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of your livestock.
  2. Consultancy/farm management: We offer a range of consultancy and farm management services to help you manage your livestock and improve your farm's profitability. Our services include pregnancy testing, fertility investigations, parasite investigation (including faecal egg counts), post mortems, disease investigations, and farm profitability assessments. Our experienced veterinarians can provide you with valuable insights and recommendations to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Pregnancy testing: Accurate pregnancy testing is essential for proper livestock management. Our veterinary team can perform pregnancy testing on-site using the latest technology to determine the pregnancy status of your livestock.
  4. Fertility investigations: Our veterinary team can provide fertility investigations to help you improve your breeding program. We use the latest technology to assess the fertility of your livestock and can provide recommendations to improve your herd's reproductive health.
  5. Parasite investigation: Parasites can be a significant problem for livestock animals and can affect their health and productivity. Our veterinary team can perform faecal egg counts to assess the parasite burden of your livestock and provide recommendations for treatment and prevention.
  6. Post mortems: Post mortems can provide valuable insights into the cause of livestock deaths and can help prevent future losses. Our veterinary team can perform post mortems on-site or at our clinic yard facilities to determine the cause of death and provide recommendations to improve your herd's health.
  7. Disease investigations: Our veterinary team can perform disease investigations to help identify and prevent the spread of infectious diseases among your herd. We use the latest technology and techniques to diagnose and treat diseases and can provide recommendations to prevent future outbreaks.
  8. Farm profitability assessments: Our veterinary team can provide farm profitability assessments to help you manage your livestock operation more efficiently. We can help you identify areas where you can reduce costs and increase profits, and provide recommendations to improve the health and productivity of your herd.

At Mansfield Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional care for your livestock animals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us help you achieve your goals.