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The Mansfield Vet Clinic is a mixed practice consisting of four vets. The Mansfield Vet Clinic services the surrounding areas of Mansfield including Bonnie Doon, Jamieson, Lima South, Merton, Maindample and Tolmie. We are open 7 days and have a 24hr emergency service.

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While trekking on the BNT one of our horses was injured. Everyone at the clinic was helpful and cheerful. They went above and beyond what you would expect in looking after our horse which enabled us to finish our ride.

Pure compassion, empathy and the utmost care given to our precious senior Burmese boy, William, by an amazing team of professional vets, animal carers and advocates. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts we are ever so grateful for your love, support and excellent treatment for William 😘

After hours service was a life saver. They’re a genuinely caring group of animal lovers and who charge a fair price and provide amazing care.

The staff at Mansfield Vet clinic are highly skilled and they genuinely care about all aspects of my animals well-being! They have been my point of call when needed for the past 20 years & in that time they have supported me with an array of different animals. Their kindness, knowledge & willingness to do what it takes to support me and my crew is very much appreciated. Thanks guys 🙏🏻🤗

The staff are very helpful & professional. A most difficult cesarean section on a cow to deliver a live calf was performed by Dr. Alana who knew exactly what to do in the best interests of the client and the welfare of the animal.